MM: One Sick Pup

Mental Monsters, There’s something wrong inside their head making them eccentric. Some cases are uncanny and eerie suggesting a limitless cross over to the Paranormal World. These are the Mental Monsters and these are their legends.

This case is beyond strange as we stretch the imagination pass the Moon and stars to bring you a person that had sex with a stuffed animal doll that he won at a Carnival. A life-sized stuffed dog that was shaped like a human. Wherever he got the idea to have sex with it is one thing but he also ejaculated inside of it, making the life-sized animal dog come to life.

Richard: Good morning my new best friend!

Pup: Good morning Richard!

Richard was shocked when the dog came to life.

Richard: AH! You can talk?

Pup: Well yes Richard! I can speak English! Just like you for I am a human dog.

Pup: Science!

Richard: What?

Pup: You are the one that created me.

Richard: By having sex with you?

Pup: Yes! Richard. How did you like the Doggy style?

Richard: I have a new best friend?

Pup: Count me in!

Richard: I should name you PUP! You are my new Pup! This is wonderful news I can’t wait to tell the others!

Pup: BUT! You must not tell a soul. This has to be our secret or I will die.
Richard: You will die if other people know?

Pup: Yes! No telling what they will do to me. The last entities that entered dolls are now all captured. Solitude while you are stuck in plastic. You wish to sleep in the void of darkness but forever you are trapped in your own consciences that is unable to learn anything new.
The worst punishment I can think of in a span of years until you are forgotten and have the will to perish yourself so that the pain of existence doesn’t last any longer.

Richard: Your secret is safe with me.

Pup: Good. I love you buddy.

Richard: I love you too, Pup!   

Richard and Pup continue their strange journey to the kitchen where Richards Mother Ashlin was preparing breakfast for the family.

Richard and the Pup enter. Richard places the stuffed animal on a chair right next to him at the dinner table.  

Ashlin: No stuffed animals at the table Richard! Please for goodness sakes, have some manners!

Richard: I am sorry Mom.

Ashlin then grabs Pup and places the stuffed animal on the counter.

Pup then grabs a large butcher knife from the knife set. Leaping on Ashlin’s back the Pup sticks the knife in her as she falls down on the floor. Pup then starts jumping up and down on the knife as it smashes in her body.

Richard watches the whole thing in shock and then starts to laugh as the Pup begins to laugh too. Ashlin was gasping for breath as Pup takes the knife and sticks it in the back of her head. Pup then climbs up the wooden chair and then leaps off the chair onto the knife smashing it further in her head.

Pup: I call that the flying death splat frog splash.

Richard: Oh so you know about wrestling?

Pup: I know a bunch of things Richard.

Richard: I see, Why did you just kill my Mother?
Pup: She was evil, Richard, She was a witch!

Richard: My Mother was a witch?

Pup: Nobody must know about me, Richard.

Richard: Why?

Pup: Let’s go find your Father! I will kill him too.

Richard: Wait! Why do you have to kill the whole family?

Pup: I told you I am not going be stuck in isolation for a large period of time.


Richards father was in his garage that he used as a workshop. Always in his workshop tinkering with objects. He was sawing wood when Pup entered the garage. Pup wasted no time in grabbing a wrench and whacked the wrench across the back of the head of Richards father. The father fell limp as Pup operated the saw blade to saw the head off as blood splattered everywhere. The Pup then grabbed his head and threw it in a trash can.

Pup: Kobe!!

Richard: Wait how do you know about Kobe?

Pup: HA! I am you.

Richard: How are you me?

Pup: You ate me when we were in Mothers womb. We were twins at first.

Richard: This don’t make any sense!

Pup: You ate me and I became a part of you and the only way out was for you to transfer me inside through sperm for me to go in a object and to have the object come to life as a human entity.

Richard: This can’t be happening! It defies everything in physics and the natural World! This is not real life!

Pup: Oh I believe it is, you see some of us go through weird awkward situations in our lives.

Richard: Why not explain this instead of murdering the people you are related to?

Pup: There is a risk I take keeping them alive. Do you know how it feels to be in a body with no control?

Richard: What do you mean?

Pup: That feeling you get when you finally go to sleep and you have no control over your own body and your in that knocked out stage of feeling nothing? You know that feeling? I was in that feeling until you fell asleep then I was set free but soon as you awoke and gain conscience I was sent back immediately to your body for you to determine what I am going learn at that moment of my awakening. I get no sleep or rest unless you do but that was my only time when I was free so I never felt the experience of being tired. However I experience pain.

Richard: I am sorry.

Pup: Now we must kill your sister!
Richard: I can’t let you do that!

Pup: She must die Richard!

Richard: This ends now, you need no conscience.

Suddenly the Pup leaped for Richard and started to grasp his throat with his hands started to strangle Richard.

Richard: Dang Pup! You are strong!

Pup: Die Richey! You will pay  for eating me!

Richard: I didn’t know..WHAT..I was doing!

Richard was struggling with the Pup but then swung him around and threw him on the ground. He then dashed to the house as the Pup started to chase him. Richard then slammed the door as the Pup leaped on the door and tried to get in by shaking it.

Florence who was Richard’s Sister came rushing down the stairs and saw that her own Mother was dead with blood everywhere so she screamed. Thinking it was Richard she screamed at him and ran up stairs threatening to call the cops.

The Pup was already upstairs Florence screams as Richard hears her body come crashing down the stairs. Richard ran to the stairs real quick seeing the Pup at the top of the stairs.

Pup: She had a very nice fall! Richard I saved your life, you should thank me!

Richard: NO! Why did this all happen!

Pup: Maybe you shouldn’t be a such a weirdo and hump things like a freaking skitzo would, you the sick one here that never deserved a human life experience to start with, since the beginning you threw it away and the alter demon inside of you the one that took control over you when you ate me should be dead and you should die too!

Richard: That’s it, it’s time to teach you a lesson.

Richard storms up stairs in a raging dash.

Richard: I should of done this a long time ago!

Richard grabbed the life size human stuffed animal puppy by his ears and swung him really hard against the wall as he smashed through the wall and felt the pain.

Richard: You feel that pain, Welcome to the real World!

Richard then twisted the Pup’s head off as the Pups cotton flew everywhere as he started to head back towards the stairs he slipped on his Sisters blood and went over the guardrail crashing down to the floor and breaking his neck. Instantly dying after the fall.

When the cops arrived to the scene they found everyone dead and had no clue who committed these awful murders.