MM: Beckas Playroom

Hello, Thanks for JOINING US for another Mental Monster STORY! This one is one of my favorites as this girl is very sick and twisted. 


Mental health is a serious issue. If we can diagnose it beforehand we can save a bunch of lives. We can save the life of the mental and the lives it harms. Becka. Such a sweet innocent girl that was molested by her Father now lives with her rich Grandparents. One night four of her cousins, Howie, Blakey, Sam, and Christopher spend a night over at the Grandparents house to have a family sleepover. The Grandparents were asleep but woke up from a dream into a real life nightmare as they stumbled upon a very interesting tea party hosted by yours truly Becka.

Becka: Hello boys! Thank you all for coming over for a sleepover!

Howie: This house is so big.

Becka: Yes!

Sam: You have a nice room, Becky.

Becka: It’s Becka and thank you kindly sir.

Sam: I am sorry, Becka.

Christopher: You don’t have to apologize to this twit.

Becka: Oh my, you boys are crazy.

Christopher: So we gonna play some games or what?

Becka: Yes! Boys I would like to invite you all to my tea party hosted by yours truly.

Christopher: That sounds really boring!

Sam: Yeah! Let’s hunt some ghost!

Christopher: I know a game! Let’s play rape!

That must of sent a trigger down Becka's spine because she started to twitch.

Sam: Man Christopher you ruin everything! Just shut your mouth okay!  

Howie: Are you okay Becka?

Becka: Why don’t you boys want to play with me?

Howie: We do but a tea party doesn’t sound appealing to us.

Becka: I have a playroom, would you boys like to check it out?

Sam: Sure!

Christopher: Now that sounds like fun!

The five leave Becka's room and go to her playroom. The Grandparents were already asleep as all the children stayed up to play.

The Playroom was beautiful with colored walls of light blue with white clouds making the room feel comfortable. The brand new smell overwhelmed your nose soon as you entered the room. She had everything you could ever want as a child compacted into one room. All the boys were in shock and didn’t know what to do next as Becka spoke.

Becka: Alright boys here it is! What game do you want to play first?

Sam: I think we should play hide and seek and turn out the lights.

Howie: Yeah that sounds fun!

Becka: Hide and seek it is, I will go back to my room and when I enter the room I will try to find you, boys.

Christopher: This does sound fun.

Becka: Okay boys go hide and I’ll be right back.

Christopher and Sam decided to hide together behind the huge house playset Becka had, Sam decided to hide inside it as Christopher hid behind it.

Blakey hid in the walk-in closet thinking it was the best place to hide since it was so big.

Howie thought up of a clever plan to sneak out of the room so he can’t be caught because he always hated to be the one that was the seeker.  

Becka enters the room.

Becka: Oh where could the boys be?
Becka hears a rumble in the closet as she slowly steps towards the door quietly then she opens the door and closes it behind her. In the corner of her eye, She sees a blanket move but she played it off acting like she didn’t see it. She then takes a huge mallet she had hanging up and started bashing Blakey right away where the head would be under the sheets, With a couple of blows Becka knocked out Blakey. She was trying to be as quiet as possible as she leaves the closet.

Becka: Welp nobody in there, oh you boys are good.

Blakey was dead as the other two boys Sam and Christopher came out from hiding over by the playhouse.

Sam: Howie cheated!

Christopher: Yeah! He left the room soon as you left so he wouldn’t be caught.

Becka stomps her foot on the ground as she storms out of the room to find Howie.

Becka: Howie! Where are you little cheater!

Becka then found that her door has been opened and that Howie snuck back in her room.

Becka: What are you doing pervert!

Becka caught Howie sniffing her panties as she started her stove inside her room.

Howie: It’s not what you think, it’s just that, I never seen a girl before and I never get to talk to girls, please don’t be mad at me.

Becka: You are sick! Why did you sniff them?

Howie: I wanted to know what it smelt like.

The tea starts to whistle as Becka grabs the pot and then rushes over to Howie. She runs over to Howie and kicks him in his balls as he falls down and then she starts to pour the hot tea on his face as he begins to scream but then she grabs a pillow and sits on it. Howie started to suffocate as the hot tea burned his skin right off his face as he was gasping for air. She then sets him up straight and ties him down on a chair that was at the long table inside her room. Becka then leaves the room.
Becka enters the Playroom as she sees Sam and Christopher messing around the closet trying to find Blakey but couldn’t and assumed he wasn’t saying anything because he was hiding.

Becka: Okay boys, I have a cool game we can play that involves candy.

Both Christopher and Sam dart out of the closet as they heard the sound of candy. Becka then whips out a Unicorn Pez device that held candy in it. The sweetest and most delicious candy that you will ever taste.

Becka: Oh boys! Have you guys ever played Unicorn Roulette? It’s where you both take turns eating a piece of candy and whoever eats the rotten one loses! Okay, let’s begin.

Becka then hands over the Unicorn Pez to the boys as they both look at each other with a puzzled look on their face.

Christopher: Okay, I am up for the challenge.

Becka: That’s the spirit! I knew you were a brave boy.
Christopher takes a piece out and chews as it bursts in his mouth he filled up with enjoyment as it was one of the best pieces of candy he has ever tried. Sam then tells Christopher to hand it over as Christopher is hesitating at first and takes another going out of turn.

Sam: That’s not fair, you took two pieces!

Becka: Share Christopher!

Christopher: Alright fine!

Christopher hands over the Unicorn Pez as Sam takes a piece and eats it and his eyes light up as the taste of the candy shocks him.

Sam: WOW! That is great candy! What happens if we eat the rotten piece?

Becka: A big surprise!

Christopher laughs as he takes another piece and chews it fast with a grin on his face. Sam then takes a piece and quickly pops it in his mouth. Sam then acts if he’s choking and quickly grabs his throat as his whole face turns red then it starts to turn blue as he falls to the ground twitching foaming out the mouth as his eyes pulse out of his head. The foam aggressively pouring out of the mouth. Sam then dies instantly as Christopher's eyes widen.

Christopher: You killed my brother! Now it’s time to play rape!

Christopher quickly dashes towards Becka and tackles her down to the floor. He grabbed her head and started slamming it on the ground. She rolls out and quickly gets back on her feet as Christopher tackles her again.

Christopher: Oh no you don’t!

Christopher tackles her onto the mirror as it shatters to pieces on the ground as they both fall on the floor. Christopher is now on top of her and begins to punch her in the chest. Becka grabs a piece of the mirror and jabs it in his throat as she rolls him off and then begins to squeeze his throat where she stabbed him as the blood is gushing in her hands screaming at Christopher to die.

Becka then watches as he passes away and then she gets a huge smile on her face as she felt something leave her body replaced with a new feeling, one that that gave her sensation and satisfaction.

She set up all the boys and tied them all to the chairs and began to have her own tea party. The tea party she always wanted. She was now chatting with them and making up their own dialogue out loud as if they were talking to her.  

Becka: So how is everyone enjoying their tea on this chilling night?

Sam: Oh Becka this is the best tea I ever tasted may I have some more!

Becka: You certainly can my friend.

Christopher: Mine is a bit hot.

Becka then walks up to Christopher and starts pouring his glass of tea all over his body and then she kicks him as he falls down.

Becka: I don’t like Christopher.
Sam: That was funny Becka, Becka you are the best.

Becka: Thanks Sam.

Becka: Well boys, aren’t we all having the best time? This tea is so wonderful ain't it boys?

Howie: It sure is!

Becka: Oh Howie, I know you love me.

Howie: You bet.

Becka: How’s the tea Blakey?

Blakey: Excellent! I would like a dance Becka.

Becka: Awww, isn’t that cute. You boys are the best. Now let me tell you a story.

Becka: Do you boys like scary stories?