KA: Red Grapez #6


"There is no time in this realm, only death." 

Sabe: There I was sitting on my porch listening to 2Pac when I saw a lemonade stand in the corner of my eye. I could of sworn it wasn't there a few minutes ago. So I decided to walk over there and see what it was all about.

Sabe: Hello! 

RedGirl: Hello! Welcome to my Stand. Would you like some lemonade? 

Sabe: No thanks! 

RedGirl: I have some Red Grapez would you like to try the candy grapez? 

Sabe: Wait? What? 

*The girl was dressed in all RED and even had all RED skin and she handed him RED Grapez as a sinkhole swallowed the all RED girl as she fell in the hole screaming as it filled up with RED lava. So I ran back to my house. 

I decided to try the RED Grapez and all of a sudden I saw the Sun move towards me as it had a smile on his face. 

Sun: Child the cycle has been broken and a death has occurred without anybody killing the victim. The victim of this cycle in this strange realm took his life. Resetting the cycle and causing chaos everywhere. Every one in this realm is dying. Good or Evil. 

Sabe: Am I dead? Wait did I die in the real world? 

Sun: You were the last one to enter the system before it went haywire. You must now kill me and end this realm of life to free all the souls?

Sabe: How do I kill you? 

Sun: You have to find me first! 

*Soon as the Sun said that clouds covered him up and it started to rain acid! Burning everything it touches Sabe quickly runs in the house and goes straight to the basement.

A black cat appears out of nowhere. 

Black Cat: Meow! 

The black cat spoke and I was frozen with fear. I now had a choice to make, die here in this basement or exit the basement and live. 

Suddenly..Yes suddenly a shadow man appears and points at me. 

Gabe: Who are you? 

Shadowman: Wasn't your name Sabe? 

Gabe: What? 

Shadowman: You are Sabe. 

Gabe: I killed Sabe when I lit myself on fire and ran down the street. 

Shadowman: Suicide is your way out of this pain? 

Gabe: I killed the part of me that was wicked, the toxin

Shadowman: You think you know life or death? 

Gabe: We continue on forever until the darkness reaches everywhere. 

Shadowman: Darkness? 

Gabe: There will always be a form of light and a reset to live again. Hopefully it's not other entities. 

Shadowman: No Heaven? No Hell? 

Gabe: Torture or pleasure for eternity? When there's a system that built itself with many problems but a solution to all them problems. 

Shadowman: Why take your own life? 

Gabe: You don't. You should continue and write forth for the next generation. 

Shadowman: Some of us get kidnapped, tortured and sold off to auctions. 

Gabe: Evil fetishes exist.

Shadowman: Yes, they do. 

Gabe: Do you continue in the Afterlife? 

Shadowman: Yes. 

Gabe: There's a way back to problems? 

Shadowman: Yes. 

Gabe: What if we only given one chance and one lottery. 

Shadowman: That would still be peace to have no more choices. 

Gabe: What if you don't want to rest in peace and continue? 

Shadowman: Think billions and trillions and maybe there is a way back or way forward. 

Gabe: The killing of people. To be four years old and to have to live eternity being four years old? 

Shadowman: The Bible hasn't reached every inch of the Earth. What does that tell you? 

Gabe: Why even take the first breath? 

Shadowman: Experience. 

Gabe: Experience? 

Shadowman: Yes, EXP. 

Gabe: Some of us are luckier than others? 

Shadowman: AND Yet they have no clue. 

Gabe: Nice to meet you Shadowman my name is SABE! 

Shadowman: I know. 

~The End~