KA: Green Browniez #3

One Morning-Afternoon-Evening I was at this party with my buddies from Adams High School. 

The Mascot offered me a Green Brownie and I said, "No Thanks." 

He then told me: If I don't eat this Green Brownie nobody will ever have sex with me as long as I live so I said okay. 

The first Green Brownie he handed me came to life as it told me that I had a pretty mouth so I ate the Brownie. 

I asked the Mascot, if he put SPICE in the Brownie because it was HOTT.

Mascot replied: I don't mess around with spice or rat poison. 

I said okay. 

I then saw the Girl of my dreams as it felt like I was in a cartoon. The girl of my dreams was named Cindy. 

I walked up to Cindy and started to unzip my pants. I told her that my wiener dog wanted to say hi. She replied: Are you stupid or something that black cat will eat your wiener off. 

I said oh okay and began to zip my pants back up. 

She then laughed and asked: Why I didn't show California love when I get around? 

I told her that I was sick and I was going die in two weeks. 

She then said she would give me the best life experience that I ever had and that I should follow her down the basement. 

The Sun then appeared bright through the window which was weird because it was night time. 

I saw that the Sun had a face so I asked it, "Where can I get some more Green Browniez?" 

To my surprise the Sun didn't speak and just blinked at me. I then followed Cindy to the basement. 

Freddie Prince Jr was waiting for us with Green Browniez in his hand. 

Freddie said: I made these Browniez myself and I used my Grandmas recipe. 

I said yum and started to eat the Browniez. 

Freddie laughed at me and told me: You been eating your own Grandma along. Then Cindy went up to Freddie Prince Jr. and started to suck his whole body in her mouth. Her belly was huge as she then spitted out some of his guts and bones all over the basement floor. 

She told me to jump on that bed with rusty springs and blood stains on it and I said okay. 

I was lying there as she started to suck my neck and I felt the blood leave my body as I felt all my veins rushing blood through them real fast. 

In between her sucking my neck and all my blood she said: I am really sorry that I have to do this but I require blood to stay alive and I thought since you were dying I would take your blood for it expires. 

I said okay and then I died.