KA: Black Cheerios #1

One Morning-Afternoon-Evening I was sitting on my couch playing Pokemon Red on my Gameboy when I heard a knock on the door.

*Knock! Knock!*

I answered the door to see a Girl Scout transgender selling a brand new cereal.

He or She said to me: Would you like to buy some Black Cheerios?

I said, "No Thanks."

He or She said if I don't buy this cereal that I will not be healthy and I would die from being unhealthy.

I told He or She okay and bought a box of Black Cheerios.

I then slammed the door in Her or Himz face and went to the kitchen to feed my black cat. 

I then wrote a letter, Dear Mama, Brenda's got a baby please send four hundred dollars, Your Son Barklow.

I then heard a scream from the Black Cheerios box. I went to the box and I opened it up. 

A Black Cheerio popped out and asked me what School do I go to and I replied Washington High School.

The Black Cheerio then told me to eat him or I would die from being unhealthy.

My black cat whiskers jumped on the table and ate the Black Cheerio and then jumped off the table.

I then poured me a bowl of Black Cheerios.

I can hear them all express such joy from being in milk. They cheered as they splashed in my bowl.

Suddenly the door opened up from my basement and out came Tony Danza.

He told me that I was the boss of this cereal and I am healthy.

I then picked up a spoon and started eating the Black Cheerios. Their enjoyment went from happy to terror as they all started screaming with fear.

The screams got louder as I was eating the Black Cheerios when suddenly my teeth started falling out of my mouth and into the bowl.

I then saw the Sun peek his head in my window as I asked him, "Hey Sun am I going die?" The Sun did not reply as he stared at me.

I then lost control of my neck and fell in the bowl of cereal. I can feel all the Black Cheerios jumping on my neck as I couldn't move as I felt little tiny bites of my flesh being eaten by these Black Cheerios.

I couldn't breathe as the milk in the bowl was drowning me. I tried to lift my head up with all might but to no avail as I choked on Black Cheerios and milk as I died.