How About NO! [My Play]

This is my play I presented to my high school teacher for Drama Class.

Hello World,

I woke up with a dead horse head staring back at me. This is crazy I thought, I must be dreaming. Well I wasn’t because I just woke up.

I head towards the kitchen to find my mother has a knife pierced through her cheeks.

She was sleeping, the blood was everywhere. I heard a voice call to me from the living room.

Barnold: The kid has finally woken up, welcome Zinc, Welcome to your worst nightmare.

Zinc: Hello, I am going fix myself some cereal.

Barnold: I would like to play a game with you.

Zinc: Yeah man that sounds cool, I am hungry so I am going to eat some Admiral Crank cereal!

Barndold: Um, you, are you okay?

Zinc: I will be after this complete and healthy breakfast from the captain of the sea of milk! Admiral Crank! Oops! All sweetness Crank that up!!

Barnold: Are you trying to plug something?

Zinc: The time of need sir, I must eat this now.

*Zinc pours his cereal into a bowl as a three fingers fall from the box as Barnold cracks up laughing. Zinc replies, “Oh those shouldn’t be in there.” Quickly takes the fingers and tosses them to the floor.

Zinc eats his Admiral Crank.Yum! Zinc loves Admiral Crank!

Barnold: You ready now, to play the nightmare of games?

Zinc: Yeah man, what’s up?

Barnold: Okay, go check the garage and see if you see the key!

Zinc: Ummm, okay?

Zinc checks the garage.

Zinc witnessed horror at first glance, his father mutilated. Front of his body was strapped down in front of the car and the other part of his body was strapped down in the back of his car.

Zinc: Welp! Looks like somebody needs to clean the car! Maybe take it through a car wash!

Barnold: Are you okay? Is there something wrong with you?

Zinc: I feel fine, so what is this game you speak of and how do you win?

Barnold: Well truth be told, I don’t think you are aware of what’s happening! Go look in your brothers room!

Zinc goes to his brothers room to find his brother had been mutilated with all his flesh scattered everywhere in the room. The room was painted in blood with every inch covered from the wall to the ceiling.

Zinc: WOW! Cool! You redid his room! He loves the red color and he seems to be enjoying it still!

Barnold: Your brother is dead!

Zinc: Well that’s what he gets for not sharing toys, Santa told him share his toys with me but he never listened. Now look at you bro!

Barnold: Okay well, Okay.

Zinc: So how do I win this game we are playing?

Barnold: Yes! Yes! The game! I have your sister still alive! She is waiting for us to play Trivia Hack! Have you ever played the game Trivia Hack?

Zinc: I don’t think so?

Barnold: Okay! Here are the rules I will ask you a series of five questions if you get them right I will untie your sister but if you get them wrong I will chop one of her limbs off until you answer five questions wrong then I will slice off her neck after I cut off the four of her limbs!

Zinc: That sounds interesting.

Barnold: Does it? Are you ready to play the game?

Zinc: Yeap go ahead.

Barnold: What year did USA become Independent?

Zinc: 1991? When the Soviet Union collapsed?

Barnold: WHAT! No! You seriously don’t know!

Barnold screamed as he took a large axe and chopped off Zinc’s sister ankle with a clean swipe as she screamed in pain but it was muffled because she had a bunch of duct tape across her mouth.

Barnold: Next question! Who was the 13th President of the United States of America?

Zinc: Abraham Lincoln!

Barnold: You never heard of FILLMORE!!

*Barnold screams in rage as he chops off another ankle limb off Zinc’s sister.*

Barnold: You must be dumb kid! This is not fun for me. 

*Barnold whacks his sister neck off and instantly kills her.

Barnold: Of all my years of killing you are the strangest!

Zinc: I just wanted to wake up and watch television, normal Saturday.

Barnold: You woke up to death at your front door. Playful death of a sick twisted game.

Zinc: I have no desire to live anymore, I awake in danger every day.

Barnold: What do you mean?

Zinc: I wake up and they bully me, they run me down,  make me do most of the chores. Mother made me shower last and deal with the cold water, only five minutes, if that was all I got of hot water.

Barnold: I did you a favor?

Zinc: I am free from this curse but it came in a form of death?

Barnold: Death was put in life to make an end, so we can have new beginnings. A new awakening. New leaders, new generation and a new type of atmosphere to live in.

Zinc: Why do you do the things you do?

Barnold: I am tormented by the fact that I had to live in an orphan house after my parents were slaughtered to death by an unknown murderer. Which in return made me a cold blooded killer. However being a monster I had to make a twist in the scenario to keep me well excited in the game we call horror.

Zinc: We call this horror?

Barnold: Categorize things correctly!

Zinc: You saved me, are you going to kill me?

Barnold: No.

Zinc: Why? Why not?

Barnold: You haven’t found what you are looking for and this family was rotten to the core. This was the toxic family that killed my family.

Zinc: How do you know?

Barnold: Your father was a marine and your mother was a nurse for the Navy. The tattoos, I remember the tattoos.

Zinc: I am one of them.

Barnold: Yes. For me to eliminate everybody in the family would be impeccable.

Zinc: The destiny I live for is going be a path of misery.

Barnold: No, you are going follow me to the promised land.

Zinc: How about no.

*Zinc then shoves Barnold out the door and slams the door.

The End.