MM: Handy Hanky Panky

Meet Hanky, he has a problem in his head. Verbally abused by his father and living with his drug addict mother. Lonely, He developed a habit of ventriloquism through sock puppets. Naming the left sock puppet Stinky and the right one Georgie. Hanky didn’t feel so alone anymore since he would conversate with the sock puppets everyday. However, This day would change his life forever as he becomes a “Mental Monster.” 

Stinky: Good afternoon Georgie!

Georgie: What’s so good about it? 

Stinky: My bad, Great afternoon to you sir!

Georgie: Today will be a great day indeed. 

*The two sock puppets are in a conversation as Hanky wakes up in the middle of the afternoon. All three of them stare out of the window. 

Stinky: It’s so beautiful outside, the air looks crisp! Look Georgie look at that wonderful moon, as it shines during the day. 

Georgie: I think it’s Stinky! 

Stinky: No! It’s not me silly! 

Georgie: No the Sun stinks! 

Stinky: How do you know? Have you sniffed it before?

Hanky: You two are funny! I wonder what Mommy is doing? We should check up on her guys. Let’s go!

*Hanky and the sock puppets go into the living room to find mother laid down on the couch, passed out still. Little does Hanky know his Mother is dead. Hanky starts poking his Mother with Stinky but she doesn’t budge. 

Stinky: I think she might be sleeping Hanky.

Georgie: She is not sleeping she is dead. 

Stinky: What do you know? You are just a sock. 

Georgie: I can smell her stench…

Stinky: Are you sure it’s not me? 

Hanky: Mom! Mom! Mom! Are you there mom..can you hear me mom?

Georgie: I think she is dead Hanky, she cannot hear you. 

Hanky: This can’t be! She is only sleeping, deep sleeper! 

Stinky: I agree! 

Georgie: She has been laying in the same position for three days now.

Hanky: We will wait until she wakes up. 

*Suddenly Hanky had a flashback*

Father: You’ve burned me for the last time woman, you and your son are nothing but rejects! 

Mother: Don’t talk about Hanky that way! He’s special. 

Father: Special? He’s a retard! Hanky you are a retard! 

Mother: Please stop! 

Father: You know what...I am tired of this! Same day, same situation, I am stuck with a mental case wife and a retarded son, I am out of here! 

Hanky: I felt so much pain that day and now all the pain that I ever felt is coming back to me in high dosages. I couldn’t control those feelings and thoughts! 

*Hanky grabs both sock puppets and puts them over his ears and runs in the garage. 

Hanky: There always comes a time that we must strike deadly. 

Stinky: We can order a pizza and watch a movie! 

Georgie: Stinky this is serious. 

*Hanky then grabs a hatchet that was hanging up on the wall and with one clean swipe slicing through the wrist cutting off Stinky. He now killed his other half and chopped off his own hand. 

Hanky: Ahhhhhhh! 

Georgie: We are finally complete! 

Hanky: Let’s look in this chest for a deadly weapon! 

*Hanky looks through a chest and finds a custom made pirate hook that him and Georgie tie around his left hand. To complete the new addition.  

Hanky: We shall call it Hooky! Hooky the Hook! 

Georgie: Splendid name.

Hanky: Are you ready to have some fun Hooky? 


Hanky: Hey Hooky! You ready to have fun buddy?


Georgie: I don’t think Hooky can talk. 

Hanky: Fair enough we must go now and spill the blood of the innocent and perfect. 

Georgie: We must Hanky! We must teach them a lesson about darkness, We have been in the dark for years. Now we must shed the light about the darkness and spread the misery we have endured. 

*Hanky makes his way over next door to the “Perfect Family House.”

Mr. Anderson: Oh come on Sparrows you must be blind to swing at that. 

Hanky: What’s he doing? 

Georgie: He’s watching television. Seems to be enjoying a sports event. 

Hanky: Oh? 

Georgie: I think you should take him out quick make sure the shock of the attack keeps him frozen, otherwise we will both die. 
Hanky: I don’t want to die. 

Georgie: Alright then, on the count of three I want you to stick Mr. Hooky in his neck as fast as you can and then I want you to pick up the large hammer that just so happens to be laying down on the floor when he fixed the wall. Pick that giant mallet up and give it to me, let me handle it. 

*Hanky and Georgie rushed Mr. Anderson who was on the couch watching the television. Hanky stuck Mr. Hooky in his throat as Georgie was pounding his head in with the heavy hammer. Mr. Anderson was now dead. 

Hanky: Oh that was fun! 

Georgie: Hey Hanky! 

Hanky: Yeah? 

Georgie: Let me lick his blood up please! 

Hanky: Oh okay. 

*Hanky bends down as Georgie slurps up the blood. 

Georgie: Yummy! Alright Hanky take my upstairs.

*Hanky and Georgie go up stairs and find that the door is locked to one of the bedrooms. Hanky presses his ear against the door and hears two people in there making love. Georgie tells him to bust in, So Hanky busts through the door and rushes the bed with two people in it. Right away he starts bashing both in the head as they were caught off guard in shock of what was going on. 

Hanky: We did it!

Georgie: This is the most remarkable day of my life, the night of thrills! 

Hanky: Wait a minute, that’s my Dad?

Georgie: That bastard. Cheating? What is this? 

Hanky: I am confused Georgie..

Georgie: Did we do a good deed that was an evil deed? 

Hanky: How can an evil deed be good? 

Georgie: We will burn with them. 

Hanky: Then I will kill them both again and again. 

Robert: Han..Han..Hanky? What have you done? 

Georgie: Oh no! Let me at him! We need Hooky’s help! 

*Hanky sticks the hook deep in his Father's mouth and starts to pull up with all his might as his jaw bone starts to snap and he passes out from a snap followed by a stream of blood. 

Georgie: That’s the spirit Hanky, Let's go home now! 

Hanky: Wait, do we check the children? 

Georgie: Only if a stranger calls, let them be and make their own choices. 

Hanky: Alrighty.

Georgie: Hanky! You did good today boy and I love you. 

Hanky: I love you too Georgie, best pals forever. 

Georgie: Yes! Best pals forever.