#5 Little Timmy Baby Satters: Uncle Tom

Nards: Wake up Timmy! You are having a NAP! Timmy wakes up for his NAP! Confused by his DREAM. Uncle Tom is now here TIMMY! 

Timmy: Please no! 

Tom: You know what time it is TIMMY! 

Nards: Timmy with a sad safe, swallows a big gulp and says YEAP. So happy, so cheerful in his latest adventure with his SISTER. Escaping to happiness. The love, the joyful playing and being free. 

Tom: Put this yellow smiley mask on and get ready clown! 

Timmy: When will I get to go home? 

Tom: Never! You are mine forever. Your Father lost you in a gambling debt! You are mine!

Timmy: I don't want to do this anymore! 

Tom: You will do it! You will do it now! 

Timmy: Please no! 

Tom: Time Out! 

Nards: Tom calls "Time Out" as the two go outside they start walking towards the barn. Unlce Tom grabs a chainsaw that was inside the barn. Tom charges back in the house with Timmy following him screaming, "Death to logs!" 

Tom: Timmy! You did this, you did this! 

Nards: Tom grabs a log from the fire place. The log comes alive. 

Log: Hi Timmy! 

Timmy: Hi! What's your name? 

Log: I am Log! 

Timmy: My father one time 

Log: Shhhhh Timmy, Everything will be okay, put on the mask. 

Timmy: But why?

Log: Put on the mask or you will get tossed in the FIRE PLACE!  

Timmy: I hate the ocean. 

Log: What? 

Nards: Uncle Tom starts the chainsaw as he starts to cut the log. Screaming at the log to shut up as in motion he splits the log and half. 

Log: You have killed me, Tom. 

Log2: I feel free now! 

Timmy: Now there's two logs! 

Tom: Timmy! Quickly throw them in the fire! 

Timmy: No way dude! 

Nards: Uncle Tom grabs the two pieces of logs and throws them in the fire place. We must burn them now he says to Timmy. As he lights a match and throws it in the fireplace. The two logs scream as their voice crackles and fades away as they burn to death. 

Timmy: I want to go home now. 

Tom: Take my hand. 

Nards: Timmy and Tom head to the basement, where a clown awaits them with a baseball bat that's painted in all colors of the rainbow. The clown strikes TOM and knocks him out. 

Clown: Put on the mask, Timmy! 

Nards: Timmy puts on the mask as the Clown whacks him over the head with the bat knocking him out. The clown then carries Timmy to the backyard and throws him in a hole. The clown then starts to bury him as Timmy is still alive and wakes up screaming. The Monster creeps up behind the Clown and puts him in a headlock. Then with a fast motion he kills the Clown by twisting his neck. The Monster quickly digs up Timmy and saves him. The Monster then hugs him. 

Timmy: I must find Susana! 

Monster: sroel sodslq jsdsos sos os 

Nards: The Monster and Timmy head back into the house as they go through the front door they see Uncle Tom. Uncle Tom has Susana tied up in a chair. 

Tom: This is where the adventure ends Timmy. 

Timmy: Leave my sister alone! 

Tom: This is not your sister! This is your enemy, your foe! She's a demon! 

Timmy: Leave my sister alone! 

Tom: Timmy she's the reason why your Father and Mother do horrible things to you! She has poisoned your mind Timmy! 

Timmy: I love her! 

Tom: She is a demon Timmy! She is a parasite that has infested your mind to make you think she is your sister! She is misery Timmy! She wants to spread the pain because she experienced it! 

Timmy: I don't want to play no more! 

Monster: Sha, sha, sha, shoo, shoo! 

Tom: Timmy listen...

Your stuck in a world of harm
She is not a pearl or a charm!
She's A Demon Timmy
She wants your heart and soul
Swallow up your body whole!
She's A Demon Timmy! 
Truth be told, the youth she holds 
She will never give up, never folds 
She's A Demon Timmy! 
You call her by name, no 
She has the flames, so 
She will burn you SLOW
She will never, never, never

Tom: We must kill her Timmy, you must kill her Timmy. No more pain! 

Timmy: I can't! 

Tom: You must kill her Timmy! 

Timmy: I don't want to! 

Tom: Nards! Nards help us please! 

Nards: Timmy and Tom are in a situation here, so the Father enters the room with the Mother! 

Father: We are back, why isn't Timmy in bed? Timmy you are a bad boy! 

Nards: The Monster attacks the Father and Mother and then throws them in the basement. Then he locks the door. He then looks at Tom and darts towards him and slices his neck open. Blood starts pouring out his neck. The Monster then looks at Timmy. 

Monster: sssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Timmy: It's over now? Is it all over now? 

Nards: Susana vanishes as the Monster leaps towards her way. The Monster crashes and then falls in a black hole that was created in the floor mysteriously. Timmy is now all alone as he hears a knock on the door. It's Grandpappy. The Judge. 

The Endder