#1 Little Timmy Babysatters: The Girl

Nards: Hello boys and girls, thank you for reading this, welcome to my show. The b-show. Picture if you will a boy named Timmy. We call him Little Timmy. This is his adventure. 

It's 7 P.M and the parents have left the house. Babysitter is now the Girl down the street and she wants to invite her boyfriend over. 

Nards: Hello, I am the narrator, so let's begin our wonderful story. Little Timmy is awaiting Sammie. Sammie is the girl down the street. Sammie enters the house after talking to the parents outside in the drive-way. 

Sammie: Hey Timmy! 

Timmy: Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! 

Sammie: How's my little buddy been! 

Timmy: It's spring time! 

Sammie: Alright Timmy! What would you like to do tonight! 

Timmy: Dinosaur! 

Sammie: You got it dude! My little man! 

Nards: Little Timmy, the boy of many wonders. Dinosaurs, he's fascinated by them. Using a large red dodge ball resembling an asteroid to knock the dinosaurs standing up over. Timmy has a wild imagination. Sammie enters the room and tells Timmy about Michael. 

Sammie: My boy toy will be over soon and he is full of joy! 

Timmy: Oh good. My mother had a book club meeting and all of the women there sat on my head and took turns calling it the Hen Dance. 

Sammie: I love roosters and we will have chicken for dinner. 

Timmy: Oh wow. 

Nards: The two waited for Michael as. 

Timmy: Hold on, Nards! 

Nards: Yes Timmy? 

Timmy: What is a rooster? 

Nards: A rooster is a chicken that is male. 

Timmy: ohhhhh. 

Nards: As Timmy awaits Michael the two go in the living room and sit on the couch together. 

Sammie: So Timmy who's that new stuff animal you got there? 

Timmy: His name is Snickers and he's a monkey! 

Snickers: Yeah I can talk too. Sammie looks like a snowflake.

Sammie: What a pretty little monkey! The monkey and the boy!

Timmy: My dad took me fishing and I had to get naked and we went fishing naked. 

Sammie: Did you catch any fish? 

Timmy: I like turtles and frogs but not fish. 

Sammie: Michael should be here any minute.

Snickers: What's the rush baby doll? I want two scoops of that, hook me up Timmy!

Timmy: Mother has sex with the mailman and a guy that delivers milk. Dad don't know but she does it when dad is gone for a while.

Sammie: There he is! Oh Timmy you going love him! 

Nards: Michael now enters the room. 

Michael: Hey buddy! Heard bunches about you! Shiny Star! 

Timmy: Hi!  Old man on TV said Mexicans rape people.

Michael: So do you want to play a game? 

Timmy: I play tug the hot dog with my father. We have to find the wiener and then we tug it and the winner of hot dog tug is the one that makes the other one wet, it's called a bleed out. 

Michael: Monopoly it is! 

Nards: The three played Monopoly for two hours until Michael finally won. 

Sammie: It's bath time! Timmy! 

Timmy: YAY! I am so happy my Dad not here because I hate showering with my dad naked and he just has his way with me in there and explains to me this how men clean each other. 

Sammie: Grab your favorite toys and head up there mister! 

Nards: We now join Timmy and his bath time! When suddenly the rubber duck comes alive and sings a song. 

Get in to the TUB 
And Scrub! Scrub! Scrub!
Bubbles full of LOVE! 
Clean like a DOVE
Scrub Scrub Scrub! 
Scrub! Scrub! Scrub! 
Bubbles! Clean! In the TUB! 
Scrub! Scrub! Scrub! 

Nards: Timmy is now done and almost ready for bed! The babysitter, miss cool pants. Sammie let's him have ice cream before he goes to bed! Timmy loves ice cream. The salt shaker came alive and delivered a message to Timmy. 

Salt Shaker: Hey Kid!! Don't do drugs instead give out hugs! 

Nards: Timmy finished his ice cream and went to bed. 

Sammie: Goodnight Timmy! I hope you have pleasant dreams! 

Nards: Sammie turns off the light and shuts the door. A monster comes out from underneath the bed and goes over to Timmy's fish bowl and starts humping it as Timmy falls asleep. 

The Endder