#3 Little Timmy Babysatters: Aunt Jenny

Nards: Hello all and Welcome back to the B-Show. Blog Show! Now we go to our little Shiny Star, Timmy! 

Timmy: It's a good night to be alive. 

Jenny: Hey Timmy! 

Timmy: Hi AUNT JENNY!!!!!!! 

Nards: Timmy was very excited because Aunt Jenny let him watch cartoons! The naughty cartoons! Plus she was full of fun with arts and crafts and very energetic.

Jenny: So how is my little Shiny Star doing on this handy dandy panty evening.

Timmy: I saw a whale and a dolphin.

Jenny: It's truly a delight to get to play with my little neesie weezy!

Timmy: Mom made me hot dogs for lunch made me puke them up in toilet during dinner time and I had to re-eat them because Apple dropped 3 points and we had no money.

Jenny: It's a good thing you have that cow in the back to get fresh milk!

Timmy: I had to suck the cows tits for a whole morning because I was bad for spilling the milk. Mommy said milk don't grow on tree it's produce from cow tits.

Jenny: The cow Betsy is sure a good looking cow.

Timmy: Snickers wants to join us!

Jenny: That's fine by me! How is that monkey of yours?

Timmy: He doing great! He been a bad boy lately with a foul mouth so I put him in the treasure chest and I LOCKED IT! 

Jenny: Alright let's paint! Shall We! 

Nards: Aunt Jenny, a wonderful person indeed gets the materials ready for both of them to paint. Timmy loves to paint a happy Sun and a sad Moon with two people holding hands him and his little buddy Snickers. 

Timmy: Look Snickers! I drew us a picture!

Snickers: That's nice Tim. 

Timmy: Do you like it Snickers?

Snickers: You bet buddy!

Jenny: Very good Timmy!

Timmy: The last picture I painted was with my Dad, I had to get naked and pour the paint all over me and then roll around in the news paper that was already covered in dog poop. I had to roll in paint and dog poop. 

Jenny: You are a good boy Timmy! You will be the best at anything you do! 

Timmy: I try to be the best!

Jenny: Oh okay! Now it's TV time and you know me, Aunt J must go outside now and check on things. Make sure that cow and all the animals are alright. You WATCH TV any channel you WANT! and I will be right back.

TV: We interrupt your regular paid program to bring you breaking news, The president has been shot in his own parade, more details about this on the TEN O clock news, the challenger blew up and NAZA officials are to blaming the weather. Another media personal died in the hands of ISISsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

BOOK: Hey Kid! Turn that thing off! Anything you have to power up may contain the devil! The devil is in the TV. The devil is on the radio! The is in the sky and the devil is in your house! 

The devil, the devil! 
He is in your toaster! 
The Devil, THE DEVIL!
He is in your television!
The Devil, Oh Satan!
He is in your RADIO!
He is in your MICROWAVE!
The Devil? Wait...Devil?!?!?
The Devil Is?
He is even in your HEAD!
The Deviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil! 
The Devil Is Dead! 
The Devil Is An Angel!
The Devil, Devil, Devil, Devil! 
Burn Baby Burn! 
For the Six by Six at Six 

Timmy: NARDS! How did the book come to life and sing us a song about this weird person named the DEVIL? Who is the DEVIL? 

Nards: Many people believe that the Devil is Wayne Bruce Jenkins, however scientist haven't figured it out. Inside catacombs you will find the gates of hell and in Indiana you will find a portal gateway that leads to HELL, which is inside The United States.

Timmy: Thanks Nards! Nards you are the smartest! 

Nards: Aunt Jenny returns after she did that one thing that kids don't know about! Aunt Jenny is a person you would consider, cool. Aunt Jenny is cool.,.

Jenny: Hey Timmy! I am back! I see that the TV is off?

Timmy: Yes this book is teaching me about the Devil!

Jenny: That's awesome, I am so glad you are reading a book, that's wonderful! You are such a good boy Timmy.

Timmy: Mommy tied me up in the bed once where I couldn't move and placed a book over my face where I was being fed only by a tube that was in my arm, I had to sleep in my own feces and urine until I was finally released after a total of seventy two hours.

Jenny: You won and you are the Champ Timmy!

Timmy: I dream that one day I will find my love and that my brother and me will be reunited! I have no memory of my brother but he comes to me in my dreams.

Jenny: Your brother was a good boy, just like you.

Nards: Little Timmy's brother, you are probably wondering who is Little Timmy's brother? Let me tell you, Little Timmy's brother was named Jimmy. Big Jimmy. Big Jimmy would fight back with Mom and Dad and well the fight back led to his own death, Little Timmy is a survivor though. The parents can't kill without anger and Timmy never shows any hatred at all.

Timmy: Hey Nards! Why does Aunt Jenny have red eyes? IS SHE OKAY!?

Jenny: Who are you talking to silly?

Timmy: Nards!

Jenny: Who is Nards?

Timmy: The person that talks in RED! The wise man.

Jenny: You silly Timmy!

Timmy: Nards? Maybe Mom finally killed Nards again. Nards is my good pal and he is the teller of all stories. Mom told me that Nards wasn't real and I had to keep a bar of soap in my mouth while I watched my Mom eat dinner and I had to eat the bar of soap after she finished eating. 

Jenny: Alright Timmy! It's time for bed! Your Mom already told me you have taken a bath before I got here so let's get some rest and have a happy day tomorrow!

Timmy: Alright!

Nards: Timmy skips his bath and goes straight to bed. The Monster from underneath his bed comes out and starts to hump the closet door when suddenly a hand came out of the darkness and grabbed the Monster breaking its neck as the Monster went limp it was dragged in the closet. Timmy quickly closed his eyes and went to bed.