#6 Little Timmy Babysatters: Grandpappy

Nards: Oh Happy! Happy! Joy to the WORLD! We are back with our final show! This is the final spin all questions will now be answered! 

Grandpappy: Wake up Timmy! 

Timmy: What happened? I had the strangest dreams! 

Grandpappy: You slept for over 12 hours! How can you sleep like that? 

Timmy: I don't know..

Grandpappy: Well, now that your up what do you want to do today? 

Timmy: I am sorry to sound rude, but I don't remember who I am or how I got here. 

Grandpappy: Timmy, we been over this a thousand times. Your parents are dead, I know it's tragic that you are the only survivor. Your Brother and Sister didn't make it out alive either. 

Timmy: I have no reason to live! 

Grandpappy: Sure you do! You made friends, you named your teddy bear Nards and you have a stuffed animal monkey that is your best pal you named snickers. They would be all upset if you would do such a horrible thing. 

Timmy: What do I have to do today? 

Grandpappy: We are setting you up for a show we are going air on the dark web. We must pay rent and my retirement and savings have been wiped out. This is are only alternative. 

Timmy: A show? 

Grandpappy: I will give you a pill to enhance your performance and make sure you are in top shape to perform. You are the main star, the people love you. 

Timmy: Okay. 

CONC: The time of need, the part of time you don't want to be trapped in. Memory wiped out from day to day and night to night. Little Timmy only recalls the horrible events in dreams. Escaping to the dream realm in a deep sleep caused by various pills. Poor Timmy don't remember a thing. In a horrible gambling debt gone wrong made by the Husband and Grand Father, Grand Pappy set their whole house on fire and only saved Timmy. He now uses Timmy for his payment for loosing a bunch of money by paying others their due and not receiving his due from the loser, putting Grand Pappy in debt as he lost his retirement and savings. Now he collects money in a sick way, a very sick way to make income. Using your Grandson to gain money from perverts. Grand Pappy has no shame and the only memories that formulate in Timmy's mind is through his dreams due to the high dosage of drugs. 

Imagine if you will, a ZONE you were trapped in. The next time you complain about your life as a child, adult or any some sort of life you complain about when reading articles online or even having access to adventure online. You remember one thing, some people don't even get the CHANCE to surf online. No mouse, no scroll. No touch and no smiles, perhaps trapped in the Zone of all Zone's this is the RyFy Zone.